Headrest Monitor:Concept 9" LCD Headrest 3 Color Covers

Touch sensitive controls|High definition input for smart phone connectivity|Advanced ALC technology for improved audio volume|LED backlit panels for exceptional picture quality, high efficiency and long life|Cover colors easily interchangeable between black, grey and tan to match vehicle interior (all 3 colors included)|Adjustable poles from 5 to 7 for universal fit|Free tilt mechanism allows for adjustment to optimal viewing angle|Automatically selects PAL and ATSC systems|Built-in front 3.5mm AV input jack|Front 3.5mm jack for headphones|2 A/V inputs: One 3.5mm front input jack, One wired RCA input|Wireless remote control|Built-in dual speakers|Built-in dual channel IR transmitter: Ch A: 2.3MHz(left)-2.8MHz(right), Ch B: 3.2MHz(left)-3.8MHz(right)|9(16:9) TFT LCD display|Resolution: 800 x 480|Brightness: 400 cd/m2|Power supply: DC +12V (10.6V-15.8V)|Power consumption: 12W|Operating temperature:-10C to +60C
Turn the back seat into a theater with this nine-inch Headrest Monitor. With HD input, high-output IR audio and touch-sensitive controls, this monitor has all the practical, quality features that Concept is known for. With the ability to keep the kids entertained and provide peace and quiet for mom and dad, this is the perfect accessory to have on a long road trip.
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