Auto Care:Jump Starter & Mobile Device Charger Royal Powerburst Js7500 Portable

400A peak starting power
20 emergency jump starts of 4L or smaller gasoline engines
3 cellular phone charges or 15 hours of extra tablet power
Dual high-speed USB charging ports (2.1A shared) for cellular phones & tablets
Built-in 3-way SOS flashlight
27,750mWh Li-Poly rechargeable battery can be recharged over 500x
Holds charge up to 6 months
Safety features include short circuit protection, reverse polarity, reverse charge, overcurrent, overdischarge, overvoltage & auto shutoff
LED power indicator
Glove-box sized
Includes 12"
8-gauge jumper cables, USB charging cable, AC & car chargers, 6"
& 40"
micro cables & storage pouch
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